Standards and Conventions are opposed to an Agile Mindset, right? (Not at all)

Jose M. Ramirez
3 min readJan 2, 2023

Conventions are standard practices or ways of doing things that a group or community follows. They are not formal rules or regulations but are widely accepted and followed by team members. On the other hand, standards are formal rules or guidelines used to ensure consistency and quality.

In agile delivery, conventions and standards are essential for several reasons.

First, conventions and standards help to reduce complexity. Agile delivery involves rapid iteration and constant change, which can lead to complexity if not managed properly. Conventions and standards provide a framework for organizing and managing this complexity, and they help teams to focus on the most critical tasks and deliverables.

Second, conventions and standards help to improve communication and collaboration. Agile delivery relies on cross-functional teams, and effective communication is key to success. Conventions and standards provide a common language and a shared understanding of the work, which helps teams to communicate more effectively and collaborate more efficiently.

Third, conventions and standards help to ensure quality. Agile delivery emphasizes the importance of delivering working software, but this does not mean that quality should be compromised…